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Will Power Has Had Enough of Charlie Kimball

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It has been said that “age and wisdom will always defeat youth and guile,” but things aren’t always that simple. IndyCar, the once-profitable racing league that has soldiered on despite extreme financial problems and a struggle to retain the interest of practically anyone, is enjoying a moment in the limelight by borrowing a page from […]

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Car Crashes Through Maryland House for the Fifth Time

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“Damn, another car hit my house” isn’t something you hear said every day. For Leonard Miller of Lanham Maryland, however, it’s the fourth time he’s able to make that statement. What a terrible streak of luck. Miller’s home is located on bend that drivers just can’t seem to get right. The posted speed limit is […]

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Driverless Cars Could Cover ¼ of Miles Driven in 2030

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In the distant future, we’ll all be shuttled about by self-driving electric cars that communicate wirelessly using innovative network technologies that make them resistant to threats and less likely to commit accidents. That’s all well and good, but what about in the near future? The dream of autonomous cars is here, and it makes sense […]

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Ranking the Best Car Movies Ever

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There’s nothing quite like a good car movie. Even the cheesiest ones get your blood pumping as soon as that key turns and the engine roars. Everyone’s got their own list of favorite car movies, including me. Here are my favorite car movies of all time, ranked. The Transporter Jason Statham will transport anything for […]

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Are More Women Joining the Auto Industry?

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In spite of the massive strides made in workplace equality, the automotive industry is still a traditionally male-dominated field. Women in the industry face sexist and misogynistic behavior, often because their male counterparts believe they don’t or shouldn’t know anything about cars due to their gender. However, in spite, or perhaps because, of this stigma, […]

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