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What Car’s Redesign or Facelift Upset the Most People?

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What’s Reddit good for if you can’t make the occasional rant? Car enthusiasts, as you may know, are a somewhat opinionated lot. I asked Reddit this question, and at the time of writing, I’ve received over 700 responses. Granted, just because someone writes into a Reddit post doesn’t mean they can channel the combined emotion […]

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5 Overlooked Essentials Every DIY Mechanic Should Have in Their Garage

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By Cory Yeakel Whether you’re building a project car for the track or you simply like to do your own work on your daily driver, one thing all DIY car people can agree on is the importance of a properly setup garage. The garage is our sanctuary for everything automotive, and if you’ve ever spent an […]

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How to Protect Your Car in a Hurricane

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They come from the sea. With blisteringly high winds, the damage sweeps in. Lives are lost and millions of dollars in damage is done. A hurricane is a severe weather event and can strike anywhere there’s an abundance of water. You may have experience with these scary situations. Experience or not, being prepared is the […]

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bad reviews

Unpopular opinion: It’s time to stop leaving fake negative reviews when someone’s bad experience goes “viral”

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I’m not sure people will agree with me, but I see this happen all the time: Someone writes a post about a crappy experience they had at a dealer, parts shop, mechanic, whatever. Maybe they got “pretty-womaned” and didn’t get a test drive because they didn’t look rich, or someone was just a jerk to […]

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How to Become a Limo Driver

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Limousine drivers, also known as chauffeurs, belong to the transportation service industry. They operate various types of luxury vehicles and are trained in different skills. Chauffeurs tend to develop closer relationships with their passengers in comparison with bus or taxi drivers, due to the nature of their specific work requirements. Overall Responsibilities Unlike other members […]

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