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How to Get Personalized License Plates

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Most vehicle manufacturers produce their cars in a narrow range of colors, with similar styles and features as their competitors. While their business strategy likely won’t change anytime soon, those of us who want to express some individuality still have a few options for customization. If you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of […]

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Everything You Should Know Before You Download a Ride Service App

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Ride sharing apps are all the rage right now and for good reason. Being a responsible driver is often lauded but isn’t always convenient. If you’re exhausted, have been drinking or are just unable to focus, then driving is a dangerous task. In these situations, you’d traditionally have to plan by choosing a designated driver […]

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Bugatti on the new potty

You’ve Heard of Elf on the Shelf, Now Get Ready for…

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Hey internet, it’s me, Jason Torchinsky. Editors note: No it isn’t.  As you know, I am a Quirky Car Guy™ and also the guy who picks through the dumpster after Jalopnik brainstorming sessions and turns every single worthless, unloved POS topic idea into a real article that I expect actual humans to read and enjoy. Want to know […]

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What Car’s Redesign or Facelift Upset the Most People?

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What’s Reddit good for if you can’t make the occasional rant? Car enthusiasts, as you may know, are a somewhat opinionated lot. I asked Reddit this question, and at the time of writing, I’ve received over 700 responses. Granted, just because someone writes into a Reddit post doesn’t mean they can channel the combined emotion […]

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5 Overlooked Essentials Every DIY Mechanic Should Have in Their Garage

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By Cory Yeakel Whether you’re building a project car for the track or you simply like to do your own work on your daily driver, one thing all DIY car people can agree on is the importance of a properly setup garage. The garage is our sanctuary for everything automotive, and if you’ve ever spent an […]

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