injury from working on cars

Want to be a Mechanic? Expect Some Injuries Along the Way

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Mechanics are unsung heroes. They operate behind the scenes of your car, making sure everything is in working order. Being a mechanic can be incredibly satisfying, especially when they turn the keys and the car purrs to life. Other times, however, being a mechanic can be frustrating and downright dangerous. Mechanics don’t have it easy […]

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So You Left the Windows Down and it Rained – How to Dry Out a Wet Car Interior

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Car interiors and water don’t mix. Even if you drive a latex-lined Honda Element your ride’s insides can only handle so much moisture before things start to go sour. Exposure to too much water, whether it be by leaving the window open on a rainy day, driving into a deeper hole than you were planning […]

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electric pickup

Five Reasons You Can’t Have an Electric Pickup Truck

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There are about 1.3 million electric vehicles (EVs) traversing earth’s roads today. That number is nearly triple what it was not long ago in 2013, but despite the increasing number of electrified rides being sold, options for buyers haven’t really changed. Regular car money buys a homely hatchback — nice car money buys a hatchback […]

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car and motorcycle

Making the Switch From Cars to Motorcycles? Make Sure You Do These Things First

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Driving is fun. It gets you from point A to point B, it’s relaxing and if you have your dream ride, it can earn you some street cred. Like many drivers, however, you probably get tired of it, even on a good day. Perhaps you’re forgetting that there’s another way to get around – motorcycles. […]

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