Everything You Should Know Before You Download a Ride Service App

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Ride sharing apps are all the rage right now and for good reason. Being a responsible driver is often lauded but isn’t always convenient. If you’re exhausted, have been drinking or are just unable to focus, then driving is a dangerous task. In these situations, you’d traditionally have to plan by choosing a designated driver […]

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Bugatti on the new potty

You’ve Heard of Elf on the Shelf, Now Get Ready for…

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Hey internet, it’s me, Jason Torchinsky. Editors note: No it isn’t.  As you know, I am a Quirky Car Guy™ and also the guy who picks through the dumpster after Jalopnik brainstorming sessions and turns every single worthless, unloved POS topic idea into a real article that I expect actual humans to read and enjoy. Want to know […]

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What Car’s Redesign or Facelift Upset the Most People?

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What’s Reddit good for if you can’t make the occasional rant? Car enthusiasts, as you may know, are a somewhat opinionated lot. I asked Reddit this question, and at the time of writing, I’ve received over 700 responses. Granted, just because someone writes into a Reddit post doesn’t mean they can channel the combined emotion […]

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bad reviews

Unpopular opinion: It’s time to stop leaving fake negative reviews when someone’s bad experience goes “viral”

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I’m not sure people will agree with me, but I see this happen all the time: Someone writes a post about a crappy experience they had at a dealer, parts shop, mechanic, whatever. Maybe they got “pretty-womaned” and didn’t get a test drive because they didn’t look rich, or someone was just a jerk to […]

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The Worst-Rated Cars and Why You Shouldn’t Buy Them

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Journalists make it known when they like a car, but what if you disagree? BMW’s 3-series spent a decade dominating Car and Driver’s 10Best list when many competitors in the sports sedan category were, in fact, excellent cars in their own right. Is it unwise to risk buying against the advice of the automotive media? […]

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How to Safely Learn to Drift Your Car

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Not long after the car was invented, men instinctively began hurling themselves around corners at speeds well beyond the limits of grip. Back then, it was just called burning rubber, but today, you know it by its more common name, drifting. As cars became more powerful and automotive subcultures developed, Japan’s mountain racers perfected the […]

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