2017 Ford Transit Review paint color

2017 Ford Transit Van Review

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Before there was the crossover, there was the minivan, and before there was the minivan, there was the honest van. The Ford Transit is a throwback to a bygone era. It has no rear windows, bland box-on-wheels styling, an uninteresting power plant and a cavernous rear end. That might not sound like much for nearly […]

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Director Reviews: 2015 Scion xB “review” in the style of Wes Anderson

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I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson. I absolutely loved Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. I still haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom and thought The Grand Budapest Hotel was slightly overrated, but I still love his style of themed colors, centered images, and unique storytelling. Wes Anderson parodiesĀ are […]

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MOMO Volkswagen

2016 MOMO Edition Volkswagen Jetta GLI Is the Perfect Middle Ground for VW fans

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Throughout history, “special edition” packages of cars have always been more about the looks than the performance. Take, for example, the Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer or the numerous variations of the Bugatti Veyron. With the 2016 MOMO Edition Volkswagen Jetta GLI, however, performance is meshed with appearance. In this video, Manuel Carrillo III takes us […]

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2015 Ford Focus Review

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If you are a fan of the Ford Focus like I am, it would be tempting to say that the current generation car, launched in America for the 2012 model year, sparked a revolution in the ruthlessly competitive compact car segment. After all, it is the best-selling car model worldwide two years running. Every single […]

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