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Mustang Monday

Happy Halloween! Check Out these Awesome Mustang Pumpkins

By October 26, 2015 No Comments

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. The leaves have all changed colors but haven’t fallen yet, the weather is cool and crisp, and you have your choice of NFL, NHL, and The World Series to watch. It’s also my favorite driving weather. I love wearing a hooded sweatshirt and having the windows down on some great, winding back-roads.

Halloween is also a time for costumes and pumpkin carvings. I tend to compete pretty well in any costume contest, but my pumpkin carving skills are on the same level of a first grader who’s failing art class. So instead of having me attempt any sort of carving, I’ve gathered a few pretty awesome Mustang-o-lanterns from across the web.








Some of those are better than others (and some look a little fake) but they’re still pretty cool. If you have one to add, let me know in the comments and I’ll put it up.

Now go enjoy Halloween!

Scott Huntington

Author Scott Huntington

Scott Huntington is an Automotive YouTuber and writer who loves cars, sports, and business. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington or email [email protected].

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