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Video: 9 year old kid rides motorcycle in steel cage at Shippensburg Fair

Ah, the Shippensburg fair. There are two good reasons to go. The food, and the animals. And ok, maybe a little bit of people-watching.

But seriously, look at this delicious stuff. A blooming onion with fire-house sauce, and 3-alarm chicken. Dang good.

fair food

We stuffed ourselves silly, pet some goats, and were on our way out when we saw a crowd starting to gather at the top of the hill. And a large, steel, round cage. I said out loud “that’s too small for a motorcycle…” and started to trail off as I realized that’s exactly what it was for. We went up to get a closer look.

It turns out, the first rider was NINE years old. That’s like, someone who just finished 3rd grade. Holy crap.

He jumped on his bike and started zooming around the cage, much to the delight (and slight shock) of the crowd. Then his brother, who’s 11, took a turn, and went even higher. After a few more tricks, their mom, who is insanely cool, took a turn doing full loops. A little bit more, and she brought in someone else, and the BOTH drove around it in.

The video doesn’t quite capture how cool it was, but it was pretty darn impressive. Especially at a small fair where one of the main attractions is playing Bingo.

Check it out! And while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe for more videos!

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