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6 Things We’d Love to See Happen With Transportation in the Next Decade

By December 31, 2019 No Comments

People are always looking to improve the industry that drives their passion. Tech lovers push boundaries by converting more tech into smaller gadgets. People who work in public service go out of their way to find resources to help make life easier for those who struggle to get by.

The transportation industry is no different. It races to keep up with the changes happening all around the world, from new car models to how many drivers are on the road each year. As another year ends and a decade comes to a close, it’s time to look to the future and figure out what people can expect.

Read these six things everyone would love to see happen with transportation in the next decade. If these goals become a reality, they could change the world and make it a better place to live.

1. Lowered Fuel Costs

Gas prices affect everyone in some way. Those who work multiple jobs know the struggle to keep fuel in the gas tank. Extreme prices at the gas station cause people to pay more to fill their cars, fly in planes and even buy groceries. That’s why it’s always a breaking news story if gas prices fall.

Over the next decade, we’d love to see lowered fuel costs. Whether you live in a big city or out in the rural countryside, you shouldn’t have to spend a good chunk of your income to go to work or pay for the transportation of your food. Technology will advance how companies extract and sell fuel, which should make it easier for everyone to afford.

2. Better Electric Cars

Public interest in electric cars already exists. People want to try them out, whether they want to help the earth or drive something unlike any vehicle before it. For electric cars to become more mainstream, the auto industry will have to take the manufacturing plunge and invest in model development. Improved technology and manufacturing technique will help make this possible during the next ten years.

3. More Driverless Vehicles

With each passing year, humanity gets closer to a world of driverless vehicles. During the past decade, people have seen things like Google’s self-driving car to Tesla’s autopilot mode, so that world is closer than you think. The future holds even more advancements, thanks to ever-improving technology. Will more people let their cars drive them to work by 2030? Only time will tell.

4. Increased Use of Geotextiles

No one can talk about the transportation industry without considering how well the current roads and highways function. Although they’re easier to pave than ever before, you can expect more use of geotextiles when new streets pop up in the coming years. Geotextiles reinforce the pavement and separate it from the ground below, which protects the road’s integrity and allows proper drainage. Say goodbye to constant road closures due to maintenance when geotextiles become the new normal.

5. Widespread Use of Trains

In the western side of the world, trains are commonplace. As time ticks on through the next decade, they should become more widespread. There’s technology now for high-speed trains that will be cost and energy efficient for riders and the rail industry. Whether companies install rails above or below ground, trains are the future of pedestrian transportation and could be the key to connecting more communities.

6. Use of Water as Fuel

Hardly anyone can mention the subject of fuel without discussing alternatives to the current use of fossil fuel. People assume that electricity is the sole future of automobiles, but water could put up a fight as well.

In 2008, the Japanese automaker Genepax created a water-based fuel system that could run on water from seas, lakes, rivers and even rain. Since that advancement, Toyota released their FCV model in 2015, which ran on pure hydrogen.

For the water-based fuel industry to take off, people would need more access to hydrogen refueling stations in the next decade. If more major corporations like Toyota join the effort, you might see fossil fuels begin to fall out of the picture after 2020.

Stay Up to Date

As you ring in the new year, remember to stay up to date with news regarding the transportation industry. Keep your eye out for things like lowered fuel costs and improvements in how construction crews pave highways. The future is bright for those who have a keen interest in what’s ahead on the journey through the next ten years.

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