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The Best Car Shows in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is known for its shows. You can find music, dancing, magic and more all along the famous Las Vegas Strip. The city is also home to some of…

In Honor of 50 Years of Hot Wheels, Check Out These Pics of My Son’s Cars

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Hot Wheels turns 50 this year, and to celebrate, I snapped a few photos of my son’s collection. When I say “collection” I don’t mean thousands of mint-condition cars that…

How to Improve Your Car’s Stereo

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Adding hood scoops and intake tubes to your car might make you feel good for a little while, but the fact is, in everyday driving, your experience won’t change all…

An Explanation of Some of the Most Confusing Road Signs

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Finish this sentence from your childhood: “When I grow up, I want to …” Chances are, you didn’t produce the answer “doodle instructions on reflective pieces of meta.l” Making sure…

Signs Your Car Has Had Water Damage

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2017 brought some of the most intense hurricanes the USA has seen in decades, and while the media tends to focus their coverage on damage to homes and infrastructure for…

How Your Car Reacts to Extreme Cold

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When it’s cold outside, you put on a jacket. Maybe you wrap a scarf around your neck. It’s remarkable how much the human form will endure with just a little…

Organize Your Garage so You Don’t Have to Park in the Snow

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Modern cars can start and run in some pretty nasty conditions. Even when it’s well below freezing, a fuel-injected car with a modern computer can start and operate normally with…

Should You Warm up Your Car in the Winter?

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Hitting the road in wintery conditions brings with it a particular set of challenges, so naturally, drivers have adapted to accommodate for them. Studded tires make handling more agreeable in…

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November 16, 2017

The time Firestone flew me to Virginia to off-road the new Destination M/T2 tire on some Jeep Rubicons

November 16, 2017

The Time I Got Interviewed To Be The Next Host of Top Gear USA.

November 16, 2017

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