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recovering from a car crash

Recovering From a Car Crash

By Scott Huntington   /     Oct 17, 2016  /     Featured  /     0 Comment

There is a “club” with 2.9 million members that nobody wants to join. That would be the club of people injured in car accidents each year. The most common injury involves trauma to the brain or head. That is followed by neck, back and face injuries in terms of numbers. There is also the psychological […]

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How to Safely Drive at Night

By Scott Huntington   /     Oct 04, 2016  /     News  /     0 Comment

There are fewer things more stressful than driving after dark. Your vision is limited, you’re tired and who knows what sort of wildlife could be roaming around next to the roads? Unfortunately, you can’t just stay indoors your entire life, so eventually your car and you will have to venture outside. Don’t worry – these […]

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