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The Time I Got Interviewed To Be The Next Host of Top Gear USA. Seriously.

By Scott Huntington   /     Aug 26, 2016  /     Featured  /     0 Comment

Before I get into one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened to me, here’s a little background: I’m Scott Huntington, a relatively unknown writer who spews thoughts about cars. Sure, I’ve written for some decent sites, like Yahoo Autos, Hooniverse, GT Spirit, and am a regular contributor at some smaller places like Car Revs Daily, The […]

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injury from working on cars

Want to be a Mechanic? Expect Some Injuries Along the Way

By Scott Huntington   /     Aug 16, 2016  /     Featured, Lists  /     0 Comment

Mechanics are unsung heroes. They operate behind the scenes of your car, making sure everything is in working order. Being a mechanic can be incredibly satisfying, especially when they turn the keys and the car purrs to life. Other times, however, being a mechanic can be frustrating and downright dangerous. Mechanics don’t have it easy […]

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Carny Van Funeral

The Life and Death of the Carny Van – The Van that Ran Without a Key

By Scott Huntington   /     Aug 05, 2016  /     Featured, My Car Thoughts  /     0 Comment

13 years ago, we lost a family member. A true friend who had been there in our best and worst times. Children stopped laughing and birds stopped singing on the day the Carny Van died. In a recent interview, I was asked to share my favorite car story. My mind flashed back to hundreds of images of the […]

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