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Self-Driving Trucks Could Change the Shipping Industry

Self-Driving Trucks Could Change the Shipping Industry

By Scott Huntington   /     Sep 01, 2016  /     Industry Trends, News  /     0 Comment

Driverless vehicles are coming, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re common on our roadways. When people think of driverless vehicles, Google’s fleet comes to mind along with several others like Tesla, BMW, and Audi. The most viable form of the technology — at least right now — is seen as a self-parking […]

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top gear host email

The Time I Got Interviewed To Be The Next Host of Top Gear USA. Seriously.

By Scott Huntington   /     Aug 26, 2016  /     Featured  /     0 Comment

Before I get into one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened to me, here’s a little background: I’m Scott Huntington, a relatively unknown writer who spews thoughts about cars. Sure, I’ve written for some decent sites, like Yahoo Autos, Hooniverse, GT Spirit, and am a regular contributor at some smaller places like Car Revs Daily, The […]

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injury from working on cars

Want to be a Mechanic? Expect Some Injuries Along the Way

By Scott Huntington   /     Aug 16, 2016  /     Featured, Lists  /     0 Comment

Mechanics are unsung heroes. They operate behind the scenes of your car, making sure everything is in working order. Being a mechanic can be incredibly satisfying, especially when they turn the keys and the car purrs to life. Other times, however, being a mechanic can be frustrating and downright dangerous. Mechanics don’t have it easy […]

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