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Pros and Cons of Driving Diesel

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Electric cars capture a good bit of attention with the turn of eco-friendly awareness. However, some drivers still prefer gasoline or diesel-powered internal combustion engines under the hood. If you…

plugging a tire

How to Fix a Flat Tire

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Technology has made our cars smarter and more capable than ever before, but the simple truth of rubber tires is that sometimes they go flat. Usually, they are simple to…

Small Improvements That Make Your Car Better

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Car culture puts significant emphasis on wildly custom machines that cost a fortune — like engine transplants, radical paint jobs, chopped and lowered rides with hydraulics. But you can make…

Self-Driving Trucks Could Change the Shipping Industry

How to Improve the PA Turnpike

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America has long been the world’s poster child for distributed highway systems. It makes sense: The U.S. is a sprawling country, and traveling by car on “the open road” is…

5 Ways to Protect Your Car

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Owning a car is a great convenience, but it can also be stressful. The risk of having to deal with maintenance and the costs associated with damage from shopping cart…

Volkswagen Passat W8 4Motion sleeper

Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew Review

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Turtle Wax sent me some scratch repair & renew so I thought I’d try it out on a few scratches on my car. Some of the scratches were very light,…

Who is the BEST car show host?

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Happy Monday, Off The Throttle readers! We’re trying a new feature where we ask a question and look to you for the answer. The question is… Who is the BEST…

Why You Should Work on Your Car This Summer

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Summer is here, and if you don’t already have vacation plans, it can be a fantastic time to work on your car. Whether you’re planning a total engine rebuild, some…

Personal Stories

The Single Most Terrifying Moment I’ve Had In A Car

November 16, 2017

The Day I Drove Past The Scene of a Fatal Accident

November 16, 2017

The time Firestone flew me to Virginia to off-road the new Destination M/T2 tire on some Jeep Rubicons

November 16, 2017

The Time I Got Interviewed To Be The Next Host of Top Gear USA.

November 16, 2017

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